It is really nice to shoot something like this, but it also generated a bit of stress. We finally had a ‘go’ on the final concept 11 hours prior to shoot. I think i have never had that many storyboards for a commercial. And of course, everything turned out good. as always. We had four shooting hours with Kobe in Istanbull and four with Messi in Barcelona. Which is a lot of time if you are shooting with famous players. So, they have actually not seen each other during the shoot. And they were great!

D.o.P: Mick Coulter
Executive Producer: Maarten van Hemmen
Production Company: Electric ZOO Amsterdam
Line producer Istanbul: Tolga Erener / Filmcolony
Line producer Barcelona: Victor Minguez / Teamworks Spain
Agency: Alametifarika Istanbul
CD: Serdar Erener
Agency Production: Sertug Alptekin
1st AD: Justin Travers
Football Choreographer:Billy Wingrove
Basketball Choreographer:Michael Evolution
Art Direction: Zeki Sarayoglu Styling: Alex Kokoskeriya
Offline: Kim Hinrichs
Online: The Ambassadors Amsterdam / Ton Habraken / Halbo van
der Klaauw
Audio: Haaifaai Deluxe / Sharkee Music: Omer Ahunbay